Absolute Alignment, the UK’s leading supplier of wheel alignment equipment, has introduced to its range a new drive-over Tyre Profiler which instantly assesses tyre wear as vehicles enter the workshop.

Customers receive a professional print out regarding the condition of their tyres, which also indicates whether a full wheel alignment is required on the vehicle. This quick and easy ‘health check’ is extremely popular with both motorists and garage owners.

Suitable for small or large workshops, a floor or in-ground mount is available to suit every outlet and with no moving parts it ensures a safe working environment.

Chris Dear, Absolute Alignment’s Technical Director, said, “The Tyre Profiler is an efficient way to work, giving customers peace of mind and workshops the ability to easily identify any potential problems on a car, such as the need for a four wheel alignment, often before it becomes an issue.

“It’s fitting that we now have this as part of our product range just ahead of Tyre Safety Month. With the Tyre Profiler, any under or over inflated tyres are also picked up on so that tyre pressures can be corrected, to make sure stopping distances are exactly what they should be for maximum safety on the road.”

Fully integrated with the Bluetooth 3D wheel aligner, the Tyre Profiler works with a registration look-up system and as part of the remote two-minute quick check that the 3D wheel aligner offers.

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