Falken’s runflat version of its popular winter tyre, the EUROWINTER HS01, will be available for the coming season, along with an expanded range of sizes in winter and all-season tyres, providing safety and performance throughout the year.

The EUROWINTER HS01 RUNFLAT delivers the model’s excellent grip in snow, ice and wet weather and makes it possible to drive a further 50 miles at a top speed of 50mph in the event of a puncture thanks to its ‘limp home mode’. The EUROWINTER HS01 RUNFLAT, which also provides first-class aquaplaning resistance and a high degree of directional stability, is available in seven sizes spanning 17–21 inches, series 35–50, in H and V speed categories.

The EUROWINTER HS01 RUNFLAT is the latest derivative from the EUROWINTER HS01 range, which is now available in 111 sizes. Since its launch in April 2016, the Falken EUROWINTER tyre continues to receive strong results in independent tests. In Auto Bild’s 2018 winter tyre test, it was assessed to be a “well-balanced winter tyre with safe handling qualities on snowy or dry slopes, the best safety reserves for aquaplaning and a low price,” to achieve the rating ‘Good’. The Falken EUROWINTER HS01 is available in 111 sizes, 13–20 inches, 35–70 series and features a speed rating of T/H/V/W (190–270 km/h).

Since winter 2017, Falken has also been supplying EUROWINTER HS01 SUV tyres for larger vehicles. These tyres, which were developed with advanced 4D Nano design technology, are available in 37 sizes, spanning 16–21 inches, series 35–70 and speed rating of H/V/W.

Alongside its winter offering, Falken’s versatile EUROALL SEASON AS210 provides performance, comfort and safety throughout the year. The EUROALL SEASON AS210, approved by Mercedes Benz for use as original equipment on the G-Class, is available in 68 sizes, 13–19 inches, series 40–70 and speed ratings T, H and V.