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ZC Rubber Appoints John Ruddy and Mark Turner as European OTR Sales Director

ZC Rubber has appointed John Ruddy as European OTR Tyre Sales Director and Mark Turner as European Agriculture Tyre Sales Director.

John Ruddy has decades of experience working in the European OTR tyre industry. He joined ZC Rubber as European OTR Sales Manager in 2019. When asked about his appointment, John said: “I am very proud to see we have set up a great network across every corner of the European market. The one stop supply of premium quality off the road tyres brings great benefits to our European partners.”

Mark Turner has been involved in the agricultural tyre business for more than 25 years. He has served as Vice Chairman of the ETRTO Agricultural Sub-committee, Coordinator of the experimental standards group within the ETRTO Agricultural Sub-committee, and the Farm & Industrial Tire Representative at the ETRMA. Additionally, he actively participated in both committees, contributing to the process to restructure the Europool categories in 2011 and 2012 as well as framing new standards in the ETRTO categories such as IF CFO and VF NRO.

Mark said: “Tianli started its first radial agricultural tyre in 2006; they are an important player in the European Agricultural tyre market.

Zhongce Rubber Group acquiring Tianli tyres in early 2022 was a very smart decision and will reinforce Tianli’s unique brand awareness in the off highway segment.”

Mr. Ge Guorong, the Senior Vice President of Zhongce Rubber Group added: “Zhongce has relocated its OTR factory to Tianjin after the acquisition of the Tianli brand. We are now one of the very few tyre companies that can offer more than 2000 SKUs of off-highway products from one central factory, and we have promised to invest much more in the following years, aiming to be among the global top 3 players in the off-highway tyre business in the future. The value to our customers is enormous. In 2022, we reached an historical sales record in the off-highway tyre business, and our capacity is still not enough for the strong demand from partners across the world. Our commitment to all of our customers is to provide both local service and global supply through our local team working with local partners.”

ZC Rubber has a history of 60 years and was ranked in the top 8 in the 2022 global tyre companies in terms of sales revenue.

ZC Rubber ranked as Top 8 in 2022 global tyre companies in terms of sales revenue. To discover the full range of tyres from ZC Rubber, visit and