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Yokohama Off-Highway Tires Launches its Largest Tractor Tyre To Date

Yokohama Off-Highway Tires’ (YOHT) flagship brand Alliance recently released new sizes of the proven Agriflex+ 372 radial tire for tractors and harvesters – including a size that makes it the largest tyre ever produced by Alliance. Size VF750/75R46 is for the absolute largest tractors and machines and challenges competitors with economically and qualitatively competitive tyres. The VF tyres are recogniseded as leaders in the global flotation radial market: Alliance VF technology delivers in terms of effective soil protection, efficiency gains and yield increases.

Innovative technology pays off

Alliance Agriflex+ 372’s success was confirmed by a scientific field experiment by SEGES Innovation in 2021. The results of the field studies revealed the positive effects of Alliance’s VF tyres in comparison to conventional ones. Tested on a tractor-trailer-combination, the low inflation pressure of the Agriflex+ 372 and the Agriflex+ 389 tyres cut the track depth during the application of liquid manure in half. At the same time, wheel slip was reduced by 4.4 percent, and measurements with a penetrometer showed lower soil compaction in the ‘VF tyre tracks’ in the soil zone from 0 to 40 cm. Furthermore, maize yields in the tracks on ‘VF tyre plots’ exceeded those of the tracks on the ‘conventional tyre plots’ significantly by about 12.9 harvest units per hectare, i.e. by about 10 percent. Thanks to Alliance VF tyres – and depending on the working width of the liquid manure spreader – these results translate to yield increases between 1.5 and 2.2 per cent per hectare and calculated profit gains due to higher yields and reduced tyre slippage of up to almost 80 EUR per hectare.