Winntec Launch New Product Brochure

As a leading international designer and manufacturer of high quality, market leading and innovative automotive workshop products. Netherlands based Winntec Europe B.V. are constantly moving forward with new and sometimes unique designs and innovations. All products are ‘carefully priced’ to constantly ensure a competitive profit margin for Winntec’s trading partners and firmly supported by outstanding customer service and sales & marketing support.”

Even during the COVID19 virus crisis, Winntec has been maintaining a positive momentum which has recently resulted in the launch of the company’s latest product brochure which was scheduled to be introduced at the  Automechanika 2020 Frankfurt Show in Germany during September. This brochure showcases an extensive selection of Winntec’s comprehensive product line including their hugely popular Jack range.

Ralph Dubbeldam, Winntec Europe’s Managing Director is keen to point out “Jacks are a very important category in our range and we sell the products in large numbers all the timeon a global basis.One of our customers once said ‘Winntec are real jaxperts’. I believe he is right. In fact we have been selling and developing lifting solutions for decades so we do understand the market very well. For the jack sector we are now launching several new products. One is the Y42033 which we named ‘The Ultimate’ as quite simply it is fully loaded with the latest technology and very best specifications. We are confident that the professional user is going to really appreciate working with revolutionary Jack on a daily basis.”

Whilst the Y420222 Winntec Low Profile Jack with an integrated jack stand function is a unique lifting solution bringing maximum safety in the workshop environment. Winntec know that in practice not everybody uses jacks stands to support the car after it has been lifted so this his jack / jack stand combination makes the process a lot easier because at 38cm the lock kicks in automatically.

For the industrial industrial sector Winntec are launching 2 new presses – the  20T and 30T which incorporate welded frames! Whilst another new innovation from Winntec is the M411355 which is launching the company’s special Motionline range which targets the garage specialist looking for a well-designed, medium duty product. Winntec believe there are a lot of inferior and dangerous cheap lifting products available in the current market but by investing just a little more Motionline guarantees something that is completely safe and works well for years.  The complete range of Winntec’s product are available from the company’s appointed UK distributor –  Loughborough based SIP Industrial.

Ralph concludes, “We firmly believe that our Winntec product range is the ‘very best and fastest growing garage equipment range on the global market’ and as a company we will continue to maintain the high level of professionalism we have always achieved in producing the products.”

For additional information about the comprehensive Winntec automotive workshop portfolio please contact SIP Industrial at or