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WHEELUV™ Alloy Protection Unleashes Aftermarket’s Most Rigorously Tested OE System

Zalloys International Limited, manufacturer of WHEELUV™ Alloy Protection, has launched to the aftermarket a patented, OEM quality and impact-resistant wheel protection system that offers technicians and installers a unique profit opportunity.

Built to withstand the elements, WHEELUV™ Alloy Protection has undergone rigorous testing and is industry approved, used by vehicle manufacturers and tested by HORIBA MIRA and Intertek to offer total quality assurance. Intertek has subjected WHEELUV™ to up to five year accelerated ageing tests, including Xenon Arc Weather conditions.

With customers including many of the world’s largest automotive brands, WHEELUV™ has drawn on its tier 1 OEM manufacturing pedigree to be adapted for the aftermarket and now become available to certified professional installers, presenting a profitable retail opportunity. Backed by a one-year guarantee and cut to size, the wheel protectors are available in five colours: silver, black, anthracite, red and blue, with a retail price of £139 per set. With quick, easy fitting in less than 30 minutes, they do not require specialist tools, tyre deflation or bead breaking. Injection moulded from impact modified polymers, they are perfectly curved to match the radius of the wheel and fit cleanly to car alloy wheels with 3M VHB adhesive tape.

WHEELUV™ Alloy Protection is compatible with most wheels and tyres, including diamond cut wheels and run flat tyres. Unlike other brands, it is guaranteed to not lose colour when washed, does not cause any damage to wheel lacquer or bodywork and does not interfere with the bond between the tyre and wheel rim, so there is no risk of pressure loss. All components have been compatibility tested to withstand fuel, oil, brake fluid, all major types of wheel cleaners, acids, bases and other workshop products to ensure colour and functionality are unaffected.

Each WHEELUV™ Alloy Protection pack comes equipped with everything a certified partner requires for fitting, including a bespoke wipe system to clean and prep the wheel, so that no advance wheel washing is needed, for an efficient fitting process.

James Taqvi, managing director of Zalloys International said: “As the number of vehicles sold with expensive alloys, particularly diamond cut variants, fitted as standard increases, more and more people are looking for a way to protect their vehicles. WHEELUV™ Alloy Protectors provide an opportunity for aftermarket businesses to take advantage of offering a premium quality, cost-efficient product to their customers, with the peace of mind that the system is backed by vehicle manufacturers. It provides tyre specialists, alloy repairers, vehicle detailers and garages with the benefit of cut to size parts to help reduce the stock holding required for WHEELUVÔ, with each protector fitting wheels from 15 to 22 inches.

“It also offers motorists the added satisfaction of a reliable, OEM quality product being fitted by a professional fitter from a nationwide network of certified installation partners.”

Damage caused by road and kerb impacts leaves millions of British motorists with at least one damaged wheel per year on average. With alloy repairs costing anywhere from £50 to £150 per wheel* and replacement wheels costing as much as £1,000 each, the cost incurred by motorists during their vehicle’s lifetime can be substantial. WHEELUV™ Alloy Protection offers drivers a more cost-effective solution with a proven, superior system.

If you are interested in joining the WHEELUV™ Alloy Protection network of certified installation partners, visit

*Source: Crunch Time: How Much It Costs to Restore Alloy Wheels – CarFinance 247, Aug 2018