Dr. Debra Williams has developed and launched a new tyre comparison site to help UK motorists make an informed decision about their tyre purchase, saving them time and money by letting the website do all the hard work and find the best deal for them.

Motokiki is the UK’s newest independent tyre comparison site that gives customers free, fair and impartial tyre market information. By giving customers access to tyre prices from the whole market, Motokiki will transform how people purchase tyres and make sure they get the best value branded tyres at convenient locations across the country.

Visitors to the Motokiki website will be able to choose from a comprehensive range of tyres and a number of different fitting options, making the process simple and straightforward. The website will also provide accurate information on which tyre is most appropriate for their vehicle. With just a few clicks, customers can compare tyres easily, find the best deal for their vehicle and have them fitted at a local garage or at their home with no hidden extras.

There is currently no comparison site focused on giving customers a whole of market view along with guidelines on the correct fitment information. Unlike other retailers that simply offer a comparison on their own stock of tyres, Motokiki is an impartial tyre search engine which allows customers to compare prices of a wide range of retailers and manufacturers across the UK.

Co-founder and CEO, Dr Debra Williams, explained: “We have been doing our research, developing and testing this model over the last 18 months. By creating a search engine that is 100% impartial as well as providing safety information, customers can trust that the options and prices found on Motokiki are displayed in a fair and accurate way.”

Based in Port Talbot, South Wales, Motokiki has been built by a strong team with extensive knowledge of the sector and whose experience of comparison sites is unrivalled.

A number of major tyre retailers have already partnered with Motokiki and the company is committed to helping motorists stay safe on the road by providing advice and information on the correct tyre, fitting and wheel sizes for each vehicle.