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European premium tyre manufacturer Apollo Vredestein continues to earn more Blue Lights and Emergency services’ confidence and trust as it is selected as tyre supplier of choice by Lowland Rescue and Kent Central Ambulance services, which join Medi 4 Ambulance Service in using Apollo Vredestein tyres on their fleets.

Vredestein’s award-winning Quatrac 5 all-season car tyres and Comtrac 2 all-season van tyres, already chosen by Medi 4’s fleet, as well as the newest winter tyre, Wintrac Pro, are now used by national charity Lowland Rescue which, with 36 teams of over 1800 volunteers and 85 vehicles across the UK, specialises in life-saving services from ‘Search’ to ‘Water Rescue’.

“When time is of the essence, and great distances are covered, it is important to rely on tyres which will not let our vehicles and volunteers down, perform in all kinds of weather, and last the course,” said Séamus Kearns, Search Operations Manager at Lowland Rescue.

Kent Central Ambulance Service’s fleet has similar requirements: in 2018 it trialled both Vredestein Comtrac 2 All Season and the award-winning Apollo Altrust summer tyres. It has now adopted Apollo as the main brand, having been impressed with the tyres’ safety and performance. Vredestein Comtrac 2 All Season tyres have been selected for the services’ European repatriation vehicles.

“We were looking for maximum performance, longevity and cost-efficiency,” says Nigel Patton, Kent Central Ambulance Service Managing Director. “The trial showed us that Apollo Vredestein had the perfect combination, matching our criteria.”

“Our strategy, which has been in place for the last year or so, is to create partnerships with those fleets which provide emergency services across the UK, because Apollo Vredestein’s product range fulfils their need for highly reliable tyresin all circumstances,” commented Ricky Mitchell, Apollo Vredestein Fleet Manager. “It is a strategy which is paying off, as fleets are won over by our tyres’ performance in trials.”

Medi 4 Ambulance Service, which has been using Apollo Vredestein Quatrac 5 and Comtrac 2 All Season tyres on its fleet of Volvos, Fiat Ducatos, Renault Masters and Land Rovers for the last year, continues to be delighted by the choice they made after the tyres were tested extensively for handling, mileage and braking performance.