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Vredestein – Upgrade To All Season

The European premium tyre manufacturer Apollo Vredestein’s UK operation launches another consumer-focused campaign to promote the use of all-season tyres: from today (14 October) to 31 December, upgrading to Vredestein’s award-winning range of Quatrac all-season tyres will trigger up to £60 scrappage refund for the replaced tyres.

This latest campaign continues to reflect Vredestein’s efforts to promote safety and encourage road users to upgrade their existing tyres to the safest option in the unpredictable British weather: its all-season range.

Vredestein is a seasoned player in this area of tyre development and has set the standards for more than twenty-five years. Recent recognition from leading automotive magazine Auto Bild has included:

– An outright win for the Quatrac 5 (SUV all-season winner 2019)
– An “exemplary” label for the newest addition to the range, the Quatrac Pro (designed for the ultra-high performance segment)
– Vredestein declared “Best all-season brand”

This summer, influential American consumer-led tyre distributor Tire Rack pitched Vredestein’s Quatrac Pro against other top-quality brand and deemed it to “exude a luxurious persona …. more fluid and smoother…”, with wet testing bringing to the fore the best of the tyre: “…the Quatrac Pro delivering a dominant performance, ….stable and planted.” The testers concluded that the tyre has excellent on-road performance with wet traction “significantly superior” to its competitors’, and therefore declared it the overall winner. Tire Rack went as far as saying that no improvements were needed.

“As the undisputed expert in the all-season tyre segment, Vredestein is well placed to encourage consumers to ‘upgrade’ their current tyres to a set of Quatracs; in fact in many sizes, ours is the only brand offering an all-season option,” says Karl Naylor, Apollo Vredestein UK Country Manager. “At this time of the year, many drivers will start to notice a reduction in performance of their tyres due to the wetter and colder conditions, so in terms of safety this is the time to consider upgrading to a tyre capable of performing now, during the winter and even when the weather improves again after winter, into spring and summer.”

Vredestein has recently run a separate campaign promoting the use of all-season tyres as a smart decision; all participants who purchased a new set of Quatracs were sent a ‘smart’ speaker of their choice.

According to this new campaign, customers who purchase a set of four Quatrac (5 or Pro) tyres can claim their scrappage value, which depends on size (from £5 per tyre for 16” tyres to £15 for 19” and above) by visiting Terms and conditions apply. redestein

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