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A total of 24 different tyre sizes have been released from medium sized 85- and 70-series tyres up to premium sizes in 65- and XL-series, such as the 650/65 R42, 800/70 R 38 and 710/70 R 42. This range of sizes caters for a wide variety of tyre combinations for the John Deere 6R and 6M tractor models.

“John Deere’s decision, driven by enquiries of dealers and end-users, serves as the ultimate recognition of the quality and advantages offered by Vredestein Traxion tyres,” comments Ruud Nijland, divisional head for agricultural & industrial tyres at Apollo Vredestein. “These include an exceptionally long service life and high operator comfort, along with outstanding self-cleaning capability and supreme traction. The benefits of Vredestein tyres have also recently been confirmed in several tests by German institute DLG, as well as being awarded the Gold Medal (Innovation category) at the UK Lamma 2019 show.”

Vredestein and John Deere already boast a long history of cooperation, with the John Deere round baler factory in Arc-lès-Gray, France, being a Vredestein partner for decades. “This extended partnership further reinforces Vredestein’s presence in the market for tractor tyres and supports our growth ambitions in the agricultural and industrial application sector,” Nijland concludes.