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Vredestein Traxion Optimall Now Available in Ploughing Sizes

Vredestein has added another three sizes to its premium Traxion Optimall VF tyre range. The VF650/85R42 and VF650/85R38 have a maximum width of 65 cm and fit perfectly in the furrow, together with the front size VF600/70R34 making them ideal for ploughing. Renowned benefits of the Traxion Optimall such as its self-cleaning properties and traction also make the tyre very suitable for plough activities.

Soil preservation and always traction

Thanks to the use of F+ technology the tyre is able to carry high loads even at very low pressure. The flexible sidewall ensures an evenly distributed footprint, preventing any peak load on the shoulders at low pressure. The resulting soil preservation and excellent pulling power is further enhanced by a curved tread, with the lugs at the end being more transverse to the driving direction. High traction means less slip and low fuel consumption, while the tyre’s self-cleaning properties are due to the way the distance between the lugs increases from the centre to the side.

Driving comfort and long tyre life

The Traxion Optimall VF has more rubber in the centre of the tread in the driving direction, providing continuous road contact and excellent driving comfort. The F+ technology also keeps the shoulders stable at low pressure during transport activities at high speed. Traxion Optimall tyres last 30 percent longer than their premium competitors due to the large contact area on the road and well-chosen rubber compound mix.

The tyre width of 65 cm and ability to carry high loads at low pressure also make the new Traxion Optimall sizes a perfect tyre for self-propelled and trailed sprayers.