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Vaculug Invest in Sustainable Start-Ups

Vaculug is proud to announce the formation of Vaculug Ventures “VV”.  VV will focus on investing in start-ups that focus on the sustainable development and further the goals of the United Nations Global Compact.  VV believes that the companies still making a return tomorrow will be the ones acting responsibly today. That’s why our approach to responsible and sustainable investing fully integrates environmental, social and corporate governance factors across every part of our investment process.

We will provide our portfolio companies with more than just investment. We will deliver advice, expertise, and direct access to our customer portfolios to our start-ups and entrepreneurs.

VV is proud to announce its first investment in Napptilus Battery Labs – – NBL is a company focused on sustainable hybrid battery solutions using carbon and organic waste nanomaterials to deliver fast charging Lithium-Free Sustainable batteries.