Vaculug Announces the Launch of the World’s First A-Rated Retread Tyre

Vaculug has announced the launch of the World’s first “A” rated retread tyre. The latest addition to Vaculug’s portfolio of retreaded tyres is the KT01, which has just returned from the Idiada proving ground in Spain. The KT01 was verified to have a lower coefficient of rolling resistance than is required for a new “A” rated tyre.

The KT01, part of Vaculug’s fuel saver Kinetik range, was put to the test on what is considered to be the best proving ground in Europe. The KT01 was rated on its fuel efficiency by a major new tyre manufacturer prior to its test result being confirmed by Idiada.

Vaculug commented, ‘we are excited to say that the World’s first and only “A” rated retreaded tyre has been developed by a British company in the UK. This tyre was fully developed by our internal R& D team in Grantham.  We set a goal of developing a retread that was as good as the best fuel-efficient new tyres on the market and we’re proud to say that we have beaten this milestone.’

By integrating a special blend of silica in the tread, Vaculug has succeeded in pushing the limits of rolling resistance to save on fuel, without compromising the tyres’ longevity.

Choosing the “A” rated KT01 tyre over a standard tyre can significantly reduce a fleet’s carbon emissions by 1200 tonnes and lower fuel costs by £475,000 per annum. *

*Calculation based on the following assumption:

Average vehicle consumption 32.3L/100km, 323L/1000km, 14.7% potential savings = 47.5 Litres saved per 1000km, fuel price £1.00/L = 47.48, 100,000km mileage = £4,748, Average fleet = 100 vehicles, 100 x £4,748 = £474,800

Carbon Saving = average of 2.62kgs per litre of diesel, 2.62 x 474,800L = 1,243,976kgs