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UVeye, a provider of high-end solutions for automatic external inspection of vehicles, has reached the final stage of the Singapore Mobility Challenge with its Artemis tyre inspection system. Announced at the Mobility Challenge Demonstration Day, held today, UVeye is one of six finalists in the Mobility Challenge’s Transport for All category, which aims to enhance commuter experience and improve the work environment for public transport workers.

UVeye’s Artemis system has reached the final stage of the Challenge for its ability to enable automatic inspection of bus tyres, reducing the number of incidents or breakdowns due to tyre failure. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Artemis comprises two tyre scanners that stand at the side of the vehicle while it drives past. In a matter of seconds, the system reads and recognises the tyre brand, markings and technical specification, as well as crucial safety-related data such as tyre condition, pressure, abrasion and scratches. In addition, the device is able to compare the pressure of each tyre to the manufacturer’s standards and measurements, and report any incorrect pressure levels. The system can even provide a comparison of all of the vehicle’s tyres to determine any irregularities.

Presented with this wealth of information and a high-resolution image that highlights any faults or anomalies, technicians and fleet operators can take the necessary steps to repair or replace their vehicles’ tyres.

The Singapore Mobility Challenge is a joint initiative between the Land Transport Authority (LTA); bus and rail operator, SBS Transit; and public transport service provider, SMRT Corporation. The Challenge is an initiative to drive innovation that can benefit Singapore’s commuters and public transport industry. It is separated into three challenge statements: Transport for All; Healthy Lives, Safer Journeys; and 20-min Towns, 45-min City.

Amir Hever, CEO of UVeye, said: “Modern cities, such as Singapore, face a growing number of challenges when it comes to transporting people comfortably and safely. Our Artemis system helps to solve at least one of those challenges by efficiently and intelligently ensuring a bus fleet’s tyres are in proper working order. We’re delighted that the Singapore Mobility Challenge has recognised the potential that Artemis offers, and we look forward to finding out whether UVeye has been successful in winning the Challenge.”

UVeye’s success in the Singapore Mobility Challenge so far supports its plan to deploy its AI-powered vehicle inspection systems worldwide. The company also recently raised $31m in a funding round led by Toyota Tsusho, Volvo Cars and W. R. Berkley Corporation to further enable this plan.

Artemis is part of UVeye’s platform, which collates a number of systems that provide automatic scanning of vehicles, identifying anomalies, modifications and foreign objects on all sides of a vehicle in a matter of seconds. UVeye’s systems are able to detect vehicle defects, including scratches, oil leaks and rust. The results provide a thorough and accurate examination of the vehicle, including history and its parts. UVeye’s technology can be used throughout the vehicle’s entire life cycle and is deployed all over the world by car manufacturers, fleet managers, car rental companies, used car companies, and more.