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UK Tyre Dealers Visit Ascenso Tyres Factory and New Offices in India

Distributor for Ascenso Tyres, BAB Distribution – part of the Bush Tyres group, brought Key Ascenso dealer partners North Devon Tyres and Redpath Tyres to India to visit the Ascenso factory and offices in Bharuch and Mumbai.

The Ascenso factory plot is circa 1k long and 0.5k wide, a huge site with its own on-site power station. It sits just outside the city of Bharuch in the region of Gujarat.

Whilst at the factory the group saw the designs and testing of some key new product developments within earthmover, port and forestry tyres, as well as Ascenso’s expanding VF tyre range.

They were also able to see the mould making section of the plant that had only just recently opened in 2022. Many manufacturers outsource making the tyre moulds to countries like China which can take a few months to get designed and shipped across. Ascenso are one of the few tyre companies that actually design and make their own tyre moulds. This rapidly speeds up their size expansion project.

Tom Bush of BA Bush commented When we visited last year, we were all blown away by the levels of; investment, scale, technology, as well as the experienced and talented team at the factory…this year did not disappoint. The levels of growth from last year were incredible and the factory was truly the most advanced tyre plant I have ever been to, having the personal luxury of going to several other leading manufacturers tyre plants within my years.

Their extensive testing and product development I truly believe is to be one of the best in the tyre manufacturing world.

Their willingness to listen to our suggestions for new sizes and patterns and the significant levels of investment they are pumping into the tyre is all vindicating our decision to partner with them – we have truly ‘backed the right horse’.”

Ascenso now have two 10,000 square meter warehouses to hold stock and are in process of building a third.

The group met Ascenso CEO Yogesh Mahansaria, Deputy CEO Dhaval Nanavati, Chief technology officer Praveen Soral, Head of plant operations Ashok Bhukhmaria, Head of marketing and product management Atul Khandagale as well as a scope of other Ascenso employees that make up the now 700+ strong team.

The Ascenso team show a huge willingness to listen and adapt their tyres on feedback from dealers and end users, inviting the group to share their findings from the UK market.

Ascenso globally are now sold in over 92 countries and will soon reach 620 product codes across all segments of off highway tyres.

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