During the busy tyre change-over seasons, it is important that TPMS sensor replacement is made as quick and easy as possible for servicing technicians. Costing significantly less than OE sensors, and with no need to spend time configuring them for different vehicles, Tyresure’s OE-R sensor is an economical solution that allows garages to save a substantial amount of time and money when it comes to sensor replacement.

OE-R sensors are pre-programmed, direct replacements for OE sensors. OE-R sensors function in the same way as OE sensors, but additional programming or configuration is not needed – the sensors can be fitted, and are fully functional following the vehicle’s relearn procedure. Therefore, rather than paying unnecessary prices for OE sensors, the aftermarket OE-R sensor offers an inexpensive, high quality alternative.

Equipped with an alloy wheel protector, the Clamp-In valve on Tyresure’s OE-R sensors also prevents damage to the alloy wheels during installation. Manufactured in a TÜV-certified environment, customers have the assurance that Tyresure’s sensors are meticulously tested and conform to global quality standards. In addition to covering over 90% of vehicles on the market, OE-R sensors have a typical battery life of up to 5-7 years, and come with a substantial warranty covering them for 3 years or 40,000 kilometres; whichever comes first.

For further information about the OE-R sensor, and to check for compatibility using Tyresure’s Vehicle Look-Up Tool, visit: www.tyresure-tpms.com