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TyreSafe is Now Partnering with the Driving Instructors’ Association

TyreSafe is now partnering with the Driving Instructors’ Association (DIA) to help target new and young drivers with its potential life saving tyre safety messages.

TyreSafe, the UK’s tyre safety charity, campaigns all year round to raise the profile of tyre safety, and part of its mission is to connect with and work with other road safety organisations to prevent and reduce tyre related incidents.

The DIA is the UK’s largest professional body for driver and rider training, education, support and advice, and with over 15,000 Advanced Driving Instructors and driving instruction experts it works to improve the provision and delivery of training and education to its members.  With close links with policy and decision makers in road safety, the partnership helps to position the tyre safety message toe to toe with other road safety issues and concerns.

TyreSafe will now work with the DIA to provide tyre safety related materials and resources to its members to support the DIA with the delivery of road safety initiatives. It is the hope of both organisations that the importance of tyre maintenance, checks and awareness cascades out beyond its members to the new and young drivers that they work with on a day to day basis.

With concerning stats surrounding the current awareness of tyre safety amongst young drivers, this partnership is a step in the right direction to directly addressing this through training and support from the first moments they sit behind the steering wheel. Research, in collaboration with inGenie revealed that 1 in 3 young drivers had never checked their tyres’ tread depth, 1 in 4 had never checked their pressure and 57% did not realise that the driver is responsible for the condition of tyres when stopped by the police.

The partnership will also yield opportunities for the DIA and its members to access TyreSafe’s library of resources exclusively available to its members.

TyreSafe Chair, Stuart Lovatt said, “This partnership unlocks an incredible opportunity to reach young and new drivers via their instructors.  We have been aware of and campaigning around trye safety awareness in young drivers and see this as one of several routes to ensure they understand the importance of tyre checks and tyre maintenance.”

Carly Brookfield,   Chief Executive at the DIA said, ‘The Driving Instructors Association is excited to be working in partnership with TyreSafe to help our members better educate their pupils and clients of the importance of tyre safety and the fundamental role they play in overall vehicle, passenger and wider road safety. 

As the largest professional body for driver and rider trainers in the U.K., our members are working daily training drivers and riders ranging from Learners to large multinational fleets. Across the diversity of vehicle and licence classes, what unifies all our trainers’ work is that tyres and tyres safety are pivotal to their and their trainees’ safety. We look forward to developing this partnership further.

For more information about how TyreSafe partners with the DIA and other road safety organisations head to