Tyre Policy Guarantee Pays off for Bulmans

Bulmans Bulk & Haulage is specifying Michelin tyres as original equipment on all new trucks, and as replacements across its truck and trailer fleet, after reaping the benefits offered by Michelin’s accidental tyre damage guarantee.

The Penrith-based bulk tipping specialist says tyre-related downtime has reduced and longevity increased – boosting the sustainability of its operations. Plus, in the event a tyre suffers accidental damage before it is 50 per cent worn, the company receives a credit from Michelin for the unused portion of the tyre’s life.

Miranda Housby, a Director of Bulmans Bulk & Haulage, says: “We used to suffer frequent tyre damage before we switched to Michelin. At first, we were hesitant about fitting a more expensive tyre to combat the problem, as the financial penalty is even higher if you still suffer damage.

“But Michelin explained how its accidental tyre damage guarantee worked, and it gave us the confidence to make a permanent switch in policy. Given the type of work we do, we can’t eliminate every instance of tyre damage – but at least with Michelin, damage has reduced significantly, and we have the peace of mind that our investment is protected.”

The customer, which is a FORS bronze member, operates approximately 60 DAF tractor units and 70 trailers, fitting 315/80 R 22.5 X Multi Z and D tyres on its steer and drive axles respectively, and 235/75 R 17.5 X Multi T2 fitments on the mid-lift. All Fruehauf trailers benefit from a 385/65 R22.5 X Multi T replacement tyre policy – which offers versatility and longevity in all seasons.

Michelin’s accidental tyre damage guarantee covers the majority of its regional and on/off-road ranges, and is free of charge to register for – reinforcing the benefits of operating a premium Michelin policy.

Housby adds: “We get great support from Gary Scott, our local Michelin Truck Sales Account Manager, who audits the fleet every few months, and provides bespoke tyre pressure advice to ensure we’re maximising the performance of every fitment in the fleet. He also keeps us fully informed if we’re ever making a claim under the guarantee, right up until the moment we receive payment.”

Bulmans Bulk & Haulage was founded in 1982, initially with a single vehicle trading from a bedroom at a Penrith truck stop. Fast forward nearly 40 years and the company transports more than 6,000 tonnes of feed, cereals and aggregates every day – delivering to every corner of the UK.

Its tyres are supplied and fitted by local Michelin Service Pro dealer Team Protyre – Harolds Tyres, which is based on the Gilwilly Industrial Estate in Penrith.

 For more information, visit business.michelin.co.uk.