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Ecommerce is fast overtaking bricks and mortar retail in many business sectors.

While for tyres there will always be a need for expert fitting and alignment, the boom in online retail and the younger generation’s attitude to online-first purchases risks leaving traditional independent tyre shops behind.

Some comparison sites offer online purchasing but as a brand, Landsail has taken the initiative with an online purchasing system that works for both its independent dealer network and the consumers who demand the convenience of online purchasing.

Visit and you can choose from the full range of passenger car tyres sold by the brand in the UK, select the type and size you want, order and pay for the tyres and arrange for them to be delivered to a Landsail dealer in your area for fitting. You can even book a time slot.

The system brings 24-hour buying convenience to the internet generation while continuing to support brand retailers by providing them with the money they would earn if they sold the tyre direct to the customer, plus the fitting fee.

By managing the online process and protecting customer revenue, Landsail is setting an example to the industry on adapting the tyre business for the 21st century.

“There are a number of different models for ecommerce currently in place,” said Leigh Melling, brand manager for Landsail in the UK.

“Many are through third parties, which make additional deductions from each sale, reducing the amount retailers receive.

“Landsail do things differently. We make a commitment to our retailers to support their business. That is important because consumers by and large cannot fit their own tyres. We need a nationwide network of experienced professional tyre fitters to carry out this essential work.

“So we operate as a portal, but one which protects their revenue. Every tyre they fit, they make the same money from whether it is purchased online or directly from them. And if they do not have the tyre in stock, we get it to them within a day or less.

“When we say we are trusted by millions, it is not simply down to the performance of our tyres. It reflects in how we do business with retailers who sign up to the Landsail brand too.”