Triangle Tyre WinterX TW401 – Driving Confidence in Winter

Europe is the world’s largest winter tyre market and Triangle Tyre, after the renewal of its PCR summer range, continued the expansion of its line up through the introduction of new winter products.

Triangle Tyre’s European HQs, opened 5 years ago in Italy, has been the driver to the strategic uplift of the brand at global level and has shown the willingness of gaining the market positioning as a truly best choice in its price segment.

The directional WinterX TW401 is Triangle’s winter tyre and its development is the proof that the Chinese manufacturer, thanks to advanced manufacturing capabilities though a fully automatised plant, has made a significant step forward in its European product road-map.

WinterX has been extensively tested and has proven to perform safely on both urban roads and highways.

The tyre, marked with the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol, certified to be suitable for use throughout the winter across Europe, is capable to maintain the necessary control when exposed to harsh winter conditions.

Ivalo in Finland is the location where Triangle conducted all winter testing. The proving grounds and the testing facilities are located just 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle: the ideal base for test drivers to perform a variety of tests in wet, slush, snowy and icy conditions.

The tread pattern has a V-shaped design, allowing very good winter capabilities with performance on wet and excellent handling on snow.

Two wide longitudinal grooves help to effectively drain water, offering the best combination of wet braking and aquaplaning resistance.

The extra wide tread pattern means good handling in all conditions, while the optimised pitch sequence is a guarantee of acoustic comfort.

Triangle’s new WinterX pattern has been developed with the latest generation compounding, using functionalised polystyrene-butadiene rubber and high-dispersion white carbon black, helping to reduce rolling resistance, increase the braking performance on snow and further enhancing the driving safety.

Thanks to the compact 3D steel sheet and multiple groove cross design, the tyre performs with a firm grip and smooth acceleration on icy and slippery surfaces.

WinterX, with a full range of 44 sizes (39 for Cars + 4 in the SUV line up), ranges from 45 to 80 series and from 14” to 20” rim diameter.