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Seregno (Italy), August 20, 2018 – BKT supplies the farming company Nodari with tyres for a large part of their equipment. The well-established company from Brescia provides service to many local companies, operating mainly as a contractor, especially for biogas plants. Since the company has to satisfy the most varying customer needs and does its job under any operating conditions, it constantly gains first-hand experiences that are indicating a clear change of course over the last few years. BKT has listened to Martino Nodari, the company founder’s son, obtaining valuable insight into the evolving world of agriculture:

Equipment has changed, and the spread of biogas has undoubtedly played an important part in this change: this kind of activity requires large plots of land in order to continuously feed the plants; some pieces of land are located at quite a distance from each other. This means that tractors and trailers have to cover greater distances running more kilometres. As a result, tyres undergo major wear, and there is a noticeable increase in fuel consumption compared to the past.

Nowadays, farmers are asking for more and more technology, and specialist equipment. As a contractor, of course, we have to adapt to all their requests. Today, every single operation is marked by “Agriculture 4.0” – from land mapping with drones to varied ratio seeding. In order to adapt to such change, we had to invest into new machinery, reaching this way our present equipment fleet consisting of a total of 40 vehicles. By means of the right equipment and the right technology, it is possible to perform the same task spending less, or obtaining major results at the same cost. An example? Two main players in the field of “smart farming” technologies have performed mapping and analyses on fields of 30 hectares. Thanks to the collected data, we have been able to spot the areas to be fertilized and those where seeding is next. We have hence been able to optimize technical means and to maximize crop yields avoiding waste.