Trelleborg Tyres, Made to Power Construction Operations in UK

In a time of changing regulations and new technology, the UK construction industry faces many challenges with tyres playing a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of construction operations.
Trelleborg Tyres has taken the lead in engineering and manufacturing tyre solutions tailored to these unique demands. With a focus on durability and performance, Trelleborg Tyres, a leading brand of OTR equipment tyres, empower users to tackle their toughest jobs with ease and confidence, enhancing productivity.
At ScotPlant Show, the largest construction equipment exhibition in Scotland, Trelleborg Tyres showcased its top-of-the-line specialty tyres made to power critical construction applications. Not only do these tyres offer greater durability and performance even in the harshest environments, but Trelleborg Tyres takes it one step further combining its tyre expertise with cutting-edge technology. By introducing new compounds and wider treads, Trelleborg tyres deliver better fuel efficiency and reduce downtime, resulting in greater cost savings across construction projects of all sizes.

EMR series: Performance and reliability

Trelleborg’s EMR range stole the spotlight at the ScotPlant Show, demonstrating its capability to thrive in demanding construction environments. With a multi-surface tread design, the EMR tyres provide exceptional grip and control across various terrains, ensuring optimal performance in all conditions from sand to rock, gravel, and soil. The radial all-steel construction and reinforced carcass offer long-term durability and equal load distribution, translating to a comfortable drive and reduced fuel consumption for operators.

A highlight of the EMR series was the EMR1051 tyre range, featuring a premium radial pneumatic design tailored for loaders. Construction professionals were particularly impressed by its suitability for intensive loading applications in open pits, quarries, infrastructure and building construction, and landscaping.

Brawler tyres: Durability redefined

In the waste and recycling industry, tough conditions at waste transfer stations and recycling facilities make operations even harder. These conditions require tyre solutions that can withstand severe operational stress to minimise downtime caused by tyre changes or failures. The Trelleborg Brawler High Performance Solid (HPS) line has been engineered for intense recycling operations, boosting waste management for years, growing alongside the industry to tackle bigger loads and tougher tasks. Its latest addition, the Brawler HPS Soft Ride, has proven to give 40% greater deflection when compared to standard solid tyres, without compromising tyre life. Its unique elliptical sidewall construction is made for greater shock absorption, ensuring 30% less vibration to maximise operator comfort, no matter the application, with its Soft Ride compound.

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