Trelleborg Wheel Systems showcased its full range of tyres for the material handling market at Hannover’s CeMAT 2018 event on April 23 – 27.

This includes the ProTex – an electrically conductive non-marking solution for forklifts, ProHD – a tyre for managing high load applications, the Pit Stop Line and Premia, as well as the T-900 & TR900 industrial pneumatics.

ProTex is an innovative solution that is the result of intense research in compound engineering, combined with Trelleborg’s advanced polymer expertise. Trelleborg is the first manufacture to offer a fully non-marking resilient tyre produced with an electrically conducting compound.

Another key feature at the show, was ProHD – an innovative material handling solution intended for high load uses, designed to reduce the risk of operational failures due to overloaded tyres. This new compound resists radial cracking or even potential melting, limiting heat buildup material handling tyres, radically improving driver safety in heavy duty operations.

“The introduction of these new compounds is a key breakthrough for Trelleborg in the material handling tyre industry. Upgrading the safety standards of all material handling applications is a key objective when developing and engineering compound innovations,” Paolo Pompei, President Trelleborg Wheel Systems, said:

Trelleborg also showcased Pit Stop Line Elite XP resilient tyres, featuring a built-in, visible line that appears when the tyre has just 100 hours remaining before replacement.

This unique innovation allows the user to achieve the best Total Value of Ownership, as well as benefiting from increased productivity and safety, while reducing environmental impact across a fleet. Also on show were the bias and radial industrial pneumatics T-900 and TR900, which along with the Press On and Mould On ranges, makes the Trelleborg range one of the most comprehensive on the market.