Trelleborg Leads Farmers to a New Frontier of Sustainable Farming at Agritechnica 2023

From November 12-18, Trelleborg will bring to Hanover’s Agritechnica fair its tyre technologies of today for farming of tomorrow, live from Booth #B04 – Hall 20.

Trelleborg, continuing its longstanding tradition as a “farming industry pioneer,” will reveal its most sustainable tyre yet, the TM1 ECO POWER, made from 65% recycled and bio-based materials.

The advanced technology applied to tread design makes TM1 ECO POWER the unrivaled tyre solution for road and hard soil, allowing for unparalleled low rolling resistance meaning significant savings in fuel and battery consumption on electric tractors.

Trelleborg experts will be on hand to provide customers all tyre benefits with the real tyre on show, as well as presenting this new tyre to media in the dedicated conference on November 13, at 2 pm at Booth B04 – Hall 20.

As global tyre leader for agriculture, Trelleborg will feature on its booth key latest advanced tyre solutions on the market, engineered to tackle the greatest challenges affecting agri industry worldwide. Trelleborg has answered the call for more sustainable performance, wider crop yields, and more efficient business operations by raising the bar when it comes to new tyres.

Each tyre on display offers key benefits for agribusinesses, according to application and load capacity, with many developed in cooperation with OEM partners.

Tyre technologies today for farming of tomorrow

As agricultural sector is evolving rapidly, advanced technology into farmer’s hands is just another way Trelleborg supports professionals in daily business.

Starting with ATMS (Adaptive Tyre Management System), farmers will get real-time tyre data for ultimate tractor performance through tyre-mounted sensors that bring smart farming to everyday operations. The ATMS detects the tyre working conditions including each tyre’s dynamic load, pressure, and temperature. While working, the farmer is constantly informed on how to fully optimise the tractor configuration in each operation through the most appropriate tyre inflation pressure for an optimised footprint and reduced soil compaction, and the correct tractor ballast and implementation set-up for improved drivability on the road, greater traction and lower rolling resistance.

The Trelleborg Booth #B04 – Hall 20 offers something for everyone, including gaming fans with a corner fully dedicated to Farming Simulator eSport. Agritechnica will host the next live tournament with the Trelleborg official team competing.

Players and visitors are invited to play to the latest Farming Simulator 22 video game on official game seats, experiencing a real e-competition.

The Farming Simulator offers a unique gaming experience, where players take on the challenges of modern agriculture including land cultivation, crop harvesting and animal feeding, and can choose from over 300 tractors fully equipped with Trelleborg tyre solutions.

It’s just one more way that Trelleborg shows its commitment to advancing the agricultural industry, encouraging productivity, farming efficiencies and sustainability by engaging farmers in new and exciting ways, using advanced technologies geared for the future.