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Trelleborg at National Farm Machinery Show 2024

Trelleborg showcased its cutting-edge tyre technology at the 58th National Farm Machinery Show 2024. Trelleborg tyres are known for their exceptional performance, including longer life, lower fuel and battery consumption and greater productivity. Developed with input from OEM partners, the newest tyres feature game changing compounds, unique tread technologies for soil and crop protection, ability to handle high load capacity, wider footprints and real-time feedback on pressure and usage. 

Trelleborg tyres presented its latest innovation, the TM1 ECO POWER tyre, which is made from 65% recycled and bio-based materials. Designed for unrivaled performance on road and hard soil while reducing its carbon footprint, the new tire proved to deliver 47% lower rolling resistance, 26% better traction on hard ground and 12% more operator comfort compared to the competition.  

“Our engineers work to incorporate advanced technologies in our tyres so we can bring farmers unrivalled solutions to modern agricultural challenges to equip the latest machinery. Whether for working the fields or carrying heavy loads down roads, we have taken our tread design and tyre pressure systems to new levels and new types of machinery. Operators see more productivity, less rolling resistance for greater comfort and endurance, and lower fuel and battery consumption for the newest electric tractors, too, all in support of a more sustainable future,” explains Andrea Masella, Commercial Director Agriculture North America at Yokohama TWS.

The VF TM3000 tyre has been engineered specifically for next generation spreading equipment. This technology allows farmers to work at lower tyre pressure to reduce soil compaction and its advanced casing design maximises load capacity, making it the optimal choice for increasing productivity, operator safety and comfort while reducing overall operating costs.

On stage wasthe TM1000 ProgressiveTraction® as Trelleborg’s multi-award-winning tyre. Designed for the most advanced machinery, this innovative tyre maximises traction with its extra-wide footprint and excellent floatation, translating to better soil and crop protection. The ProgressiveTraction® technology applied to the tread proved to deliver superior handling and greater durability, and is ideal for carrying out even the most challenging farm operations throughout its long lifespan.