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Telford based wholesaler Treadsetters, part of the TIA Group of Companies have just appointed Colin Foulkes as Sales Manager of Agricultural and Industrial sectors in the ongoing growth of the groups product range.

Colin will be part of the programme introduced by the Company for expanding other business opportunities in agricultural and industrial applications to new and existing dealerships, promoting the brands on offer in premium, mid-range and budget tyres.

With a wealth of experience gathered over 30 years in the tyre industry, Colin Foulkes has a clear understanding of the many demands that face the operator and with his experience he brings a informed option on problem solving, whilst promoting overall cost effectiveness.

When asked for comment Colin added: “ I’m very excited about managing the sales operation in this expanding venture and the challenges it will bring in promoting this unique opportunity with the broad range of tyres Treadsetters can offer, especially with the new ranges in our portfolio of agricultural and industrial sector applications with the Armour and Apollo Vredestein brands of tyres through the dealer network, enabling the operator to benefit from tyres designed to meet the demands of performance and cost in a very competitive marketplace”.