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The Tyre Recovery Association (TRA) has introduced the Responsible Part Worn Tyre Programme (RPWTP) to improve professionalism across the whole industry. It will achieve this by ensuring retailers are aware of their responsibilities and providing them with the support needed to meet the required standards.

The RPWTP is an available audit-based protol, for retailers to implement and use, which comprehensively guides participants through every aspect of part worn retailing from the law to Duty of Care; inspection to repair; testing to tyre husbandry. By introducing elements of best practice into this marketplace, the best possible use can be made of previously-used tyres.

RPWTP ultimately aims to ensure no part worn tyre is offered for resale is compliant with the Motor Vehicle Tyres (Safety) Regulations 1994 (reg.7.), part of the Consumer Protection Act legislation.

The entire RPWTP process will be overseen and audited by the TRA, and focuses on:

  • The Law
  • Inspection
  • Repairing
  • Testing

RPWTP participants will also be made aware of their duty of care when disposing of tyre waste, highlighted by the TRA’s ‘kNOw Tyre Waste’ campaign.

Peter Taylor OBE, TRA Secretary General, said: “The RPWTP has been established with the objective of raising standards in professionalism in the part worn tyre trade. The bulk of part-worn tyres come to market from vehicle dismantlers and dedicated importers and we welcome the support of the British Vehicle Salvage Federation and the Vehicle Recyclers Association for the RPWTP as well as the tyre industry.”

To enquire about participating in the RPWTP, please contact or to download the leaflet, please visit: and go to the ‘Guidance’ section.