Toyota and Arctic Trucks Select BFGoodrich as Original Equipment for its Tough All-Terrain Partnership

Toyota and authorised converter Arctic Trucks’ newest off-roader, the Hilux AT35, will wear BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 tyres as original equipment – the manufacturer’s toughest on/off-road fitment.

The Toyota Hilux Arctic Trucks AT35 is a professionally re-engineered high mobility vehicle that has been specially developed to handle the most challenging landscapes with ease and will be fitted with LT315/70 R17 All-Terrain tyres as standard. The tread design increases all-terrain traction and on-road and off-road mileage in all conditions, including snow, mud and rock.

Carrim Bundhun, Project and Commercial Development lead at Arctic Trucks UK, says: “The owners and operators of our vehicles range from builders and farmers to utility companies, rescue teams and beyond, all working in some of the most aggressive conditions, so we needed a tyre partner that would deliver enhanced performance, control, and mobility over a range of challenging terrains, while maintaining OEM levels of comfort, composure and confidence-inspiring on-road performance.

“We have previously fitted BFGoodrich tyres on both personal and development vehicles, and they’ve always delivered, whatever the conditions. For the Hilux AT35, they completely transform the vehicle and push the boundaries of what it can do. The larger tyre variation gives our customers a smoother and faster ride over rough surfaces, combined with better traction in difficult conditions.”

Commenting on the crucial role tyre choice plays, he adds: “The tyres we fit make a huge difference. BFGoodrich delivers an authentic performance, and we have confidence that with these tyres, we can realise the full potential of what this latest Arctic Trucks variant of the legendary Hilux can do.”

BFGoodrich’s All-Terrain K02 tyres have 20 per cent tougher sidewalls than previous variations, resulting in a more durable tyre with extended tread life. The product features an interlocking tread design and stone ejectors, which work in tandem to decrease irregular wear while also protecting the tyre from stone retention. Mud-phobic bars and a serrated shoulder design increase traction on all surface conditions and actively remove any built-up mud from the tyre.

Dependent on vehicle application, customers also have the option to fit BFGoodrich KM3 Mud-Terrain tyres, and an on-board inflation/deflation kit can be installed as an option, with a 12V performance compressor mounted in the engine bay. The KM3 tyres are designed with large tread blocks for greater traction on mud, providing strong grip from any approach angle, resulting in a more aggressive off-road tyre.

Each new AT35 is individually crafted by Arctic Trucks technicians to incorporate significant enhancements to the body, frame, drivetrain, suspension, wheels and tyres. It builds on the renowned quality, durability and reliability of the Hilux platform, being specially developed to handle challenging landscapes with ease, while offering an outstanding presence and authentic performance that is noticed everywhere, whether on or off-road.

BFGoodrich is best known for being the world leader in off-road tyres for more than 100 years. The company began manufacturing tyres in Akron, Ohio, in 1870 and this year celebrated its 17th victory in the legendary Dakar Rally.

Arctic Trucks is the world’s leading polar vehicle operator and, over the last three decades, have built an unparalleled level of expertise in the re-engineering of four-wheel drive vehicles to conquer Earth’s extremes, travelling over 340,000kms on Antarctica’s high plateau alone, and continuing to set multiple world records and firsts in the process. Arctic Trucks is also a chosen vehicle partner of multiple automotive OEMs worldwide, translating its extreme expedition engineering into ‘cool and capable’ pickups and SUV’s which are used for both on and off-road.