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Toyo Tire’s President, Takashi Shimizu participated in the annual TOKYO AUTO SALON, which was being held from January 12th to 14th at Makuhari Messe in Chiba City. The tyre manufacturer exhibited together with tyre brand NITTO.

The event began on January 12, which was dedicated as the press and trade day. Firstly, the president of Toyo Tires, Takashi Shimizu, as well as the Managing Director, Tomoshige Mizutani, gave presentations on the history of the brands as well as the North American automobile culture, in which TOYO TIRES and NITTO have found a home among enthusiasts. In addition, many participants showed interest in the presentations of the various races Toyo has participated in recently. President Shimizu talked about the future vision of both tyre brands, noting specifically the desire to “demonstrate our unique presence in the market with a premium lineup that pleasantly surprises consumers in line with the trend of pickup trucks and SUVs” based on the current trends in Japan and the global markets.

Ken Block and BJ Baldwin then appeared as special guests after the presentation. These two race-stars have built up a global pedigree, and were accordingly greeted by rousing cheers as they appeared on stage.

After the new products “PROXES” and “OPEN COUNTRY” were embodied beautifully by models as part of a presentation of the TOYO TIRES COLLECTION, Ken Block and BJ Baldwin re-entered, flanked by models who were wearing costumes based on the design of their personal cars.

Both guests were asked a variety of questions, including about their private cars, future plans, thoughts on coming to Japan, driving techniques, and of course the video production which made them famous on the video platform ‘YouTube’.

The TOYO TIRES booth this year sported a revamped image and showed off a more global side of the TOYO TIRES brand, which supports “real driving” using the presence and dynamism of space. From authentic American pickup trucks to EuroSports and SUVs built for racers, this event showcased vehicles that are noteworthy for being rarely seen in Japan.

At the NITTO booth, cars with distinct American characteristics such as those that appeared in the toughest off-road race in the United States (KOH, King of the Hammers) as well as the “Dodge Challenger” that appeared in the movie “Wild Speed” were exhibited.