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With decades of commercial vehicle experience behind them Toyo Tires’ latest release for the van market has been greeted with considerable interest. The all-new NanoEnergy Van showcases proven technology from across the entire range in a hardwearing, high-mileage, yet surefooted package.

Using Toyo’s latest ‘Nano Balance’ research protocol, the material design and production control of this new tyre sets a new high-bar for the sector.

Perfect for a country like the UK, Toyo has upped the wet-weather performance of the NanoEnergy, using the latest full silica compound to reducing stopping distances, improve durability and improve wet-weather handling. With a wet-braking distance of 10% less than the outgoing Toyo H08, it’s clear to see how Toyo are pushing the boundaries of active safety with each new model they launch.

In any conditions the new NanoEnergy boasts exceptional wear rate, balanced by exceptionally quiet running levels. A large shoulder rib improves stiffness and wear performance, ably augmented by the attractive zig-zag rib pattern in the middle of the case. As many modern vans really do boast quite decent performance these days, many drivers will also feel the benefit of the dynamically tapered 3D multi-wave sipes, which supress the block movement within the tread itself, sharpening cornering performance and increasing driver confidence. Just because you’re hard at work doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun on the way there, right?

The case itself uses the very latest generation of high tensile steel belts, optimised stiffness polyester casing and fuel-efficient sidewall compound to create a true ‘Jack-of-all-trades’. With a rolling resistance some 29% less than the H08, it’s able to grip more, use less fuel and return an impressive 70dB noise rating.

Available in some 41 different sizes, from 13” to 17”, the new Toyo Tires NanoEnergy range offers a huge range of solutions for almost all commercial platforms. When your van is your livelihood, why settle for anything less?