Since 2018, Toyo Tires has been a partner of Tough Mudder in Germany and Great Britain. In order to increase their exposure within in challenging sports, the tire manufacturer is expanding its partnership with Tough Mudder. In 2019, the partnership extends to Italy.

Toyo Tires will be an official partner for both of the inaugural Italian events on September 14/15 in Milan as well as on October 26/27 in Rome.

Since the invention of Tough Mudder, over 3 million participants, known as “Mudders” have faced the challenges of the extreme obstacle course. Mudders have tested their endurance against vast amounts of mud, water, electric shocks, hurdles and trenches, while running up to 18 kilometres to complete the course. The challengers are watched by thousands of spectators who join the event to watch in amazement and applaud the participants through the most extreme obstacles.

Fabio Merli, President of Toyo Tire Italia welcomed the new partnership saying, “Toyo Tires are pleased to join the family of Tough Mudder partners now that the challenge comes to Italy. Having seen the events in the UK and Germany and the determination and perseverance of the participants, we knew we wanted to be a partner, as soon as they announced Tough Mudder would be coming to Italy.”

“The spirit of Tough Mudder is a unique match for Toyo Tires” added Mike Rignall, European Marketing Manager at Toyo Tires. “It is not a competition; it is a challenge. Everyone who completes the course is a winner with participants working together to make sure everyone gets to the finish. These values of team work, achievement and overcoming obstacles are core to Toyo Tires”

Due to their experience with Tough Mudder in Germany and the UK, Toyo Tires is optimally positioned for the two events in Italy. In the Tough Mudder village at the Italian events, the Toyo booth will provide visitors with further challenges to make their day more exciting. They will also find information about Toyo and tires with outstanding characteristics for any terrain and any weather.

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