Totalkare Announces Partnership with Hunter for Wheel Alignment Equipment

Totalkare, the workshop equipment experts, are proud to announce an exciting partnership with Hunter Engineering Company, a world-renowned manufacturer of wheel alignment and balancing technology. This landmark collaboration establishes Totalkare as a key distributor of Hunter’s cutting-edge heavy-duty wheel alignment equipment in the UK, bringing a trio of exceptional products to the forefront of the commercial vehicle maintenance industry.

Hunter Heavy Duty Wheel Alignment

At the heart of this partnership is Hunter’s Heavy Duty Wheel Alignment system, a game-changer for fleet operators and maintenance professionals. This state-of-the-art system employs advanced technology to ensure the precise alignment of heavy-duty vehicles. Its precise sensors and software enable accurate measurement and adjustment of wheel alignment parameters, significantly enhancing vehicle safety, tyre longevity, and fuel efficiency. With the Heavy-Duty Wheel Alignment, operators can now achieve optimal performance and safety, minimising downtime, and costly repairs.

Hunter Heavy Duty Quick Check

The Heavy-Duty Quick Check is a revolutionary vehicle inspection system that streamlines the assessment process for commercial vehicles. This innovative technology provides a comprehensive overview of a vehicle’s alignment, tyre condition, and brake performance in a matter of minutes. Designed to increase efficiency and reduce maintenance costs, the Quick Check system allows fleet operators to identify potential issues before they escalate, ultimately improving vehicle reliability and reducing operational downtime.

This strategic partnership is underpinned by Totalkare’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for the commercial vehicle industry. To ensure a seamless introduction of Hunter’s products to the UK market, Totalkare has invested significantly in rigorous training for its staff.

Tristan Johnston, Product Manager for Totalkare, underscores the significance of wheel alignment for commercial fleet operators, stating, “Wheel alignment is a critical aspect of vehicle maintenance that directly impacts safety, fuel efficiency, and overall vehicle performance. We are excited to partner with Hunter Engineering Company to offer our customers the best in heavy-duty wheel alignment and balancing solutions. This collaboration underscores our dedication to providing comprehensive solutions to our clients.”

Commercial fleet operators in the UK can now access the latest advancements in heavy-dutywheel alignment and balancing equipment, thanks to the Totalkare-Hunter partnership. For more information about these innovative solutions and the importance of wheel alignment, please visit Totalkare’s blog at