Tirebuyer.com and Tirescanner.com Partner to Create New E-commerce Experience

Online tyre industry pioneer Michael Welch will lead TireBuyer.com as President and CEO

In a world where consumer services are moving online at an unprecedented rate, the demand for retailers to provide innovative solutions driven by service that provide simplicity, value and convenience has never been greater. Online tire retailers Tirebuyer & Tirescanner have announced they have merged to create a new Tirebuyer.com with a new, innovative business model that will be led by president and CEO Michael Welch.

“By bringing together these two business models we have positioned ourselves to be at the front of this changing landscape. We are approaching a tipping point for online tyre retail in the U.S. After meeting with the ATD leadership team I was impressed by their big plans for the future looking market and could clearly see the synergy between their vision and mine,” said Welch.

To meet the changing market dynamics while anticipating consumers’ needs and expectations, Welch will be leading Tirebuyer’s new strategy centred on delivering unrivalled service levels to tyre buyers and opening up opportunities that grow real value for its manufacturers and retail partners. The new business will build a best in class approach to addressing the market shift for digital and service focused business models that are evolving quickly across all sectors including vehicle maintenance.

Welch said, “In this next chapter we will focus on creating value for all, establishing strategic partnerships across the industry alongside innovative customer solutions. I am very excited to lead the new TireBuyer and a very talented group of colleagues through this next phase of growth and opportunity.”

“ATD has been on a journey of transformation to bring digital, data and technology solutions on behalf of the industry that help our customers and vendors, not only compete, but plan for the future of service, the solutions consumers will seek, and the ease required to provide it,” said Stuart Schuette, president and CEO of American Tire Distributors. “In our position as a connector of the automotive aftermarket, we have the unique ability to support the creation of value for the industry. Michael will be instrumental in creating a best-in-class ecommerce platform and the future of online tyre buying.”

Welch is known in the industry as an early pioneer of online tire retail from his founding of BlackCircles.com in the 1990’s and Tirescanner.com in 2018. Welch brings over 25 years of online tyre experience along with a true passion for innovation and creating value for the industry.