The Unique Mark Of BKT- Respecting The Soil And The Planet

BKT’s ethical conduct in regard to the environment has been well stated for many years. From the sustainable restructuring of its facilities, to the search for raw materials to make its tyres, in order to limit the exploitation of our planet’s resources. A process which is both broad and detailed and which leads the company to seek out the best answer to the problems of modern and future agriculture wherever they may be found.

Among the best instruments to contribute to the development of a new era of increasingly sustainable agriculture, BKT has deployed the Flotationrange, a series of hi-tech tyres, characterized by excellent flotation capacity for a reduced impact on the ground, precious qualities in order to preserve crops and the mineral regeneration of the soil.

Besides this, the tyres are designed to be resistant, thus extending the timeframe for their replacement. Last but not least, with their tyreprint and excellent traction, they facilitate a marked saving in fuel and better cost efficiency. In short, a range which is a symbol of a business commitment which goes beyond the concept of service.

These are the latest three models in the Flotation range presented at the recent edition of Agritechnica:

V-FLEXAa radial tyre specifically designed for agricultural trailers, characterised by VF (Very High Flexion) technology, thanks to which it is possible to transport heavy loads with tyre pressure that is 30% lower than a standard tyre of the same size.

This latest generation product combines VF technology with a tread equipped with steel belts that confer greater resistance to the casing and so against damage, such as for example tears and penetration by foreign bodies. It is currently available in the VF 600/55 R 26.5 size.

FL 633 PERFORMA, specifically designed for trucks for farm use, is an innovative solution which improves the performance of tractors and trucks. Thanks to its ultra-resistant structure, excellent load capacity and durability, this tyre represents the future of Flotation tyres which are perfect for numerous activities in the field and also to drive on highways at up to 100 km/h. Launched in the 600/50 R 22.5 size.

Finally, the 24 R 20.5 size of theRIDEMAX FL 699, ideal for road use with trailers and tankers, thanks to the reinforced hitch which guarantees greater stability also at high speeds. In addition, it guarantees an extraordinarily comfortable driving experience, offering safety and control. This radial All Steel tyre has been made for road use 90% of the time, but at the same time it also offers excellent performance in the field and has been designed with particular attention to load capacity in order to reduce the number of transport cycles.

The Flotation range from BKT includes numerous other tyres: FL 630 SUPER, FL 630 ULTRA, FL 635, FL 637, FL 639, RIDEMAX FL 690 and RIDEMAX FL 693 M.

Each model has specific characteristics which make it suitable for precise applications: depending on the design of the tread, the breadth of the tyreprint, the structure of the casing, each tyre has been designed to adapt in the best possible way to use in the field, on different types of land, on turf, or on the road, whether it is used for tractors, trailers, tankers, or sprayers.

Technology, innovation, research. For a multinational such as BKT, these are now well-established assets in order to be able to face the future. But the challenge which the Indian manufacturer launches today is that of going beyond, by offering “sustainable” solutions for mankind and the planet with its products. A real or metaphorical mark which mirrors nature.