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Online automotive marketplace ClickMechanic have undertaken an in-depth investigation into the most up-to-date statistics for the main causes of road accidents in the UK.

Road Safety Week (19th-25th November) is an annual event designed to bring awareness to and promote road safety. A look at the most common road accidents will give us an idea of where motorists and pedestrians alike are at risk. ClickMechanic have looked into 4 causes in detail, and how they can be avoided to ensure safer roads and communities.

1. Driver and rider error

Driver errors are a leading cause for accidents, and 39% of accidents in 2017 were a result of drivers and riders failing to look properly. A further 20% of incidents were caused by drivers failing to judge the speed of other drivers and pedestrians. Driving with more awareness of surroundings can lead to safer roads and a reduction in accidents. A few extra looks left and right can make all the difference.

2. Driver behaviour

Reckless driving has been a leading cause of accidents, with 15% of road accidents arising as a result of careless and reckless driving, with a further 4% as a result of aggressive driving. Drivers should always take speed limits into consideration and obey them at all times, and this will ensure that safety on roads is kept at all times.

3. Poor judgement

Poor judgement of driving conditions is another factor which has contributed to road accidents. 6% of accidents in 2017 were a result of drivers travelling too fast for the conditions they found themselves in. A further 5% of accidents in 2017 were caused by drivers exceeding the speed limit. Adhering to speed restrictions are key to keeping roads safe, and in particular conditions involving rain, snow, and ice.

4. Road environment

Whilst poor judgement of conditions can cause accidents, the road conditions can play havoc with well-intentioned drivers. 8% of accidents were caused by slippery roads due to weather, and a further 3% of accidents were caused by the road layout. It’s always wise for drivers to slow down, particularly if they are unsure of the conditions – this would lead to a reduction in accidents and safer roads all round.

Andrew Jervis, Co-Founder of ClickMechanic said: “Road Safety Week is ever so important in bringing awareness to unfortunate incidents that occur on our roads. However many of these accidents can be avoided by motorists being that little bit more careful, showing patience, and overall adopting a safe approach to driving”