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The Next Phase of the E-CUBE Mobile Tyre Revolution is Ready to Roll

Since the E-CUBE compact mobile tyre fitment unit was originally launched over two years the ago, this totally unique and adaptable breakthrough in the safe and easy replacement of tyres by the roadside or at customers homes or offices, designed and produced by Netherlands based TechnoMarketing Group (TMG) has been continuously updated.

Now in early 2021 the much awaited ‘fourth generation’ of E-CUBE is ready to be introduced with no fewer than 24 additional enhancements making the unit an even more service friendly modular.

Being able to separate the third and two thirds configurations allows tyre mechanics to remove the tyre changer under-frame from the balancer under-frame making both parts completely flexible to suit each country’s position of the sliding door of the service vehicle.

The battery box can be stacked if required and the turntable height has been slightly lowered to provide even more effective ergonomics.  A new specifically designed ‘helper arm’ with bearing and four height settings has been installed to improve the swing range to 75mm (even when a smaller turning radius is required). So E-CUBE can now be placed closer to the vehicles back and side walls.

There is also the added option of a second helper arm with the recently introduced patented ‘In-Control’ mechanism that can easily be retro fitted to the unit. The ‘In Control’ system is an air operated hook which moves the tyre and wheel during its rotation giving the operator constant control of the tyre fitting process. Both helper arms are stored next to the vertical post when not in use to give maximum space whilst operating the tyre lever.

Meanwhile the pedal box has been made even wider to ensure extra space between the pedals plus the box itself can be installed in multiple positions and separated from the frame with optional extended cabling. The camera is now part of the lower roller for an improved view of the bead area.

The charging and battery boxes are no longer in contact with each other for easier instalment and servicing while the charging box with BMS can be equipped with a preferred router for online and tracking purposes. At the same time the touchscreen has many new features including the inclusion of a particular website and a whole host of other connections and functions to make the operating process seamless to individual requirements.

Finally, when carrying out maintenance, E-CUBE can be serviced from either the front or back covers while other notable changes include multiple connection points within the under frames, increased connection with the roof of a vehicle, keys replaced with switches to make the system more foolproof and a new plastic replaceable sleeve protecting the spindle from dirt and corrosion.

Ralph Dubbeldam, Managing Director at TMG says, “All of these many improvements that have been implanted into E-CUBE are a direct result of our intense policy of listening and acting on our customers comments and recommendations from around the world. Also with the unit now totally adaptable to each country’s preferred vehicle sliding door operation E-CUBE has once again raised the bar even higher for the international mobile tyre fitment market.

“Forward thinking mobile tyre services who invest in E-CUBE will be working with the most advanced tyre fitting unit in the market with a superior green power source.”

It is anticipated that E-CUBE will become available in the UK during the first quarter period of this year once TMG has finalised its distribution and servicing network on a nationwide basis.