The Launch of www.BKT-Carbon.Com is the new website for BKT Carbon, a company in the Indian Off-Highway tyre manufacturing Group, BKT.

BKT Carbon makes and sells carbon black, one of the main ingredients used to make tyres and also in numerous rubber components such as automotive seals, profiles, hoses and belts, conveyor belts, retreading material and plastics black masterbatches.

The website aims to showcase this important material and its infinite applications.  The BKT Carbon website follows the BKT philosophy which puts the customer and their needs at the centre of everything. Through dialogue is it possible to create the perfect solution while Growing Together, the famous BKT motto.

The journey starts from the innovation hub where “3550 The Lab” operates. The Research and Development team consisting of qualified chemists and specialists in Carbon Black technology and experts in technologies for end user applications, such as those for tyres and rubber. Thanks also to cutting-edge machinery, 3550 The Lab develops specific, new solutions for every need, supporting customers in creating their own new products and so customising carbon black for all its possible uses.

It then continues by exploring BKT Carbon’s commitment to sustainability. There are numerous, different aspects regarding the sustainability of the project: such as the development of greener products and an optimised transport system, employee safety, environmental protection, the efficient use of carbon black and the optimisation of all resources, the management and reduction of particulate emissions in loading, unloading and handling, the undertaking of all operations in a socially and ethically responsible way.

The “virtual” visit ends with the customisation section, a further demonstration of the attention BKT pays to customers and their needs, through direct dialogue and the development of specific solutions to meet every request.

BKT Carbon was set up at the same time as the creation of BKT’s carbon black production plant at the company’s main site in Bhuj, India. Opening in 2018, the plant has total production capacity of 140,000 MT/year.

65% of the material produced by the plant is used in making BKT tyres, while the remaining 35% is sold on the market.

A strategic decision which lets BKT vertically integrate this component into tyre production, while guaranteeing a high level of quality throughout the process, but also a judicious business choice which opens up BKT’s precious carbon black to other countless uses.

The new website is an effective tool to highlight and promote the characteristics of this material worldwide.