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Leading UK wheel alignment equipment supplier – Supertracker have announced the recent introduction of their new STR130RW 6 sensor computerised aligner.

The STR130RW will in due course replace the current STR120RW and STR220RW  models and is an extremely versatile aligner that is capable of carrying out checks virtually anywhere in the workshop and can be operated on a full wheel alignment lift, a standard four post lift, a two post lift and on a level surface.

This latest addition to the Supertracker product portfolio offers measuring heads within the company’s ‘hang-on system and incorporates user friendly application programme  software that ensures easy navigation and also features adjustment help screens to assist technicians in various vehicle adjustments.

At the same time Supertracker intends to launch a further two new products in due course including the STR500 which will be a highly economical 3D aligner. The other new product promises to be yet another pioneering piece of equipment which is currently still under development and full details will be revealed by the end of the year.

For additional information on the STR130RW and STR500 models plus the complete Supertracker product portfolio email or call 01489 773888.