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From the left: Steve Andrews, Brian Andrews, Dean Andrews (Steve Andrews Tyres & Autocare) and Dan Vassallo, Anders Paulcén (Compilator)

Steve Andrews Tyres Ltd have used Team as their software solution for many years. Now, when expanding, the natural successor is DD5, Compilator’s solution targeted towards chains and major sites. Steve Andrews Tyres will use DD5 at all sites from February 2019, being the first one using DD5 in the UK. For this reason, they visited Compilator’s headquarters in Malmö, Sweden, in November.

Steve Andrews says: ”First of all, I’m deeply impressed by the tyre search in DD5, and the customer journey built into the system is excellent. With DD5 at my sites, I see how I can serve my customers even better than before, making the workflow efficient and easy to handle. We’ve worked with Compilator over many years, and have a great experience. I really like the personal touch and high competence within the company, now with even more resources from the team in Sweden as well. We have of course looked at other solutions but have decided to go for a solution with a solid and futureproof technical platform. With DD5, we’ll be able to improve the service to our customers and thereby increase our profit.”

Anders, CEO at Compilator is pleased to have Steve Andrews onboard: ”Steve Andrews Tyres Ltd is a very important customer and the first out using DD5 in the UK. We’re very grateful for the confidence shown and look forward to our common business journey.”