Snap-on Launches New Apollo-D8 Diagnostic Scan Tool

The new APOLLO-D8™ is the latest scan tool to be added to the Intelligent Diagnostics family from Snap-on®.

Snap-on’s APOLLO-D8 is designed to make Intelligent Diagnostics more accessible to more technicians, at all skill levels. The newest Snap-on platform doesn’t just provide technicians with the answers, it provides them with more confidence.

With all the information that technicians need to diagnose vehicles and diagnostic trouble codes located on one convenient display, the diagnostic process is simpler than ever before.

The versatile APOLLO-D8 saves time by guiding you directly to the fix and eliminating guesswork.

It also offers the extra assurances of SureTrack™ expert information, “Smart Data”, and quick access to functional tests and resets — within a highly intuitive user interface that’s simple to learn and operate.

A built-in demo guides you through the main features. So you’ll have the confidence to tackle more challenges than ever before.

APOLLO-D8’s productivity-boosting features include:

  • Intelligent Diagnostics delivers all of the information in one scrolling, easy-to-navigate screen
  • It intuitively guides technicians through the diagnostic workflow, from pinpointing the problem, to finding the fix
  • Smart Data – automatically configures the display to show vehicle data parameter ID (PIDs) relevant to the fault code, saving even more time by filtering out non-related data
  • The 2019 Queen’s Award-winning SureTrack™information resource delivers top repairs and real fixes for the specific vehicle and diagnostic trouble code (DTC), providing access to information from thousands of garages that have solved the same problem
  • Functional Tests and Resets – verifying component operation is right at the technician’s fingertips with easy-to-follow reset procedures that help complete the repair
  • Pre- and post-scan vehicle summary report displays a complete view of diagnostic results
  • Links to the Snap-on cloud via

APOLLO-­D8™, TRITON­-D8™ and ZEUS™ are the world’sfirst and only tools that feature Intelligent Diagnostics.

Accessing the Intelligent Diagnostic functions on the Snap-on APOLLO-D8 requires a software agreement, which will keep the tool updated with the latest information and functionality available.

To find out more about the line of Intelligent Diagnostics tools, talk to your Snap-on franchisee or visit