Snap-on® Introduces New SUN® 4000kg 4-Post Service Lift

Snap-on introduce the new SUN® SVL-40S 4-Post Service Lift, an electro-hydraulic service lift with a rated lifting capacity of 4000kg and is designed to elevate workshop capabilities.

Engineered with a classic 4-post design, the SUN SVL-40S caters to the diverse needs of general repair workshops. The main lifting platforms measure 4888mm by 630mm, with a 915mm opening these can accommodate a wide variety of vehicle sizes ranging from compact cars to light commercial vehicles.

Equipped with a 2.2kW motor, which operates on a single-phase power supply, the SVL-40S has a maximum lifting capacity of 4000kg and can lift loads within a range of 180mm to 1830mm, which is ideal for a wide variety of general vehicle repairs and servicing tasks.

This SVL-40S, includes an array of safeguarding systems such as mechanical ladder locks on all posts to ensure secure platform elevation and descent. Plus, a buzzer on the final stage of descent which alerts technicians that the lift is nearing the ground, further enhancing safety protocols. The intuitive control console includes essential functionalities such as raise, lower, stop, and an emergency isolation switch. Operating at 24 volts, the control console minimises electrical risks, fostering a secure working environment for technicians operating the lift.

For those seeking additional functionalities, the optional integrated jacking boasts spring-loaded flat arms featuring roller bearings. These arms expertly support the beam’s weight, ensuring smooth movement along the ramp when the jacking is not under load. When the jacking is in operation, these arms provide robust stabilisation, guaranteeing maximum support and stability.

The SVL-40S is available exclusively in a surface mount configuration with a simple drive-on, reverse-off arrangement. Complemented by low-angled surface run-up ramps, this configuration is ideal for most vehicle types including vehicles with lowered suspension.

The SVL-40S is a versatile service lift that offers exceptional value and is an ideal investment for general repair workshops and service centres.

For more information: The SVL-40S is the latest to join the SUN line-up of vehicle lifts supplied direct from Snap-on. For more information speak to your local Snap-on Representative or click here: