SIP Industrial Products have been working hard on broadening their extensive range of heavy-duty battery boosters, starters, and chargers, with the intention of making it one of the most comprehensive ranges of battery boosters, chargers, starters, and support units anywhere in the UK and Ireland.

At Automechanika 2019, SIP announced a pre-show launch of some brand new battery chargers and boosters, and garnered a huge response. With some of the biggest industrial retailers expressing interest, SIP are now rolling out their largest SIP Booster & Starter Charger range ever. This now includes glovebox-sized battery chargers, powerful capacitor and hybrid boosters, and more, designed for home and trade use through to industrial-grade operations, keeping cars at home or full truck fleets completely operational.

In the new expanded range from SIP, there are a number of heavy-duty batteryless capacitor boosters, which are built with reverse polarity alarms, safety fuses, and ON/OFF switches, as well as powerful ultracapacitors that offer unrivalled performance.

There is also a number of new SIP Pro Booster models, expanding SIP’s ability to cater for more vehicles and battery types. These offer boost peak rates from 1600A to 6400A, with all models offering LED indicators or digital displays, mains fast chargers, and more.

A selection of Hybrid battery boosters, which offer huge boosting power, and hybrid AGM technology, is also new, combining AGM and ultra-capacitors to create a ‘best of both’ system. All of these models have 12v DC output sockets, reversible hook-up alarm and indication, and a 2 year warranty.

SIP’s selection of glovebox-sized Chargestar units offer benefits including dual voltages from 6v/12v and 12v/24v, powerful multi-stage charge cycles, water and dust resistance, and a 3 year warranty – making them perfect for roadside repair, mobile work and more.

Across the range, SIP cover the most common battery types, from AGM, Wet Cell, Lead Acid, to VRLA, GEM, and Ca-Ca. Moreover, the range, including all Chargestar and Startmaster models, is designed and manufactured in Europe – primarily Italy and Switzerland – and are built to the highest standards and cooperate with the EU and UK standards.

You can buy any item from the SIP range from authorised distributors and merchants around the UK and Ireland, and worldwide through SIP Export. Get in touch with your local distributor to find out more, or visit our website to find your local dealer. Call SIP now on 01509 500500 for more.