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Higher traffic density and a higher number of vehicle registrations are a growing trend in this increasingly mobile world. Driver assistance systems are therefore becoming more and more important. Following ABS, ESP and TPMS, the EU will also make eCall mandatory for all new cars starting from 31 March 2018. Schrader, the world market leader for tyre pressure monitoring systems welcomes the automatic emergency call system, which, after an accident, immediately transmits all relevant data to a central station which ensures rapid assistance. Schrader Sales Manager Sven Müller: “The mandatory equipment of assistance systems is in line with the Vision Zero project, by means of which the EU wants to reduce the number of traffic deaths to zero by 2050. Even better than fast rescue solutions are of course systems which prevent accidents in the first place.”

For example, ABS and ESP became mandatory for new vehicles in 2004 and 2014 respectively. Three years ago another mandatory system was added, which contributes significantly to traffic safety: tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). At the moment there is still no reliable data to prove the reduced accident risk in Europe. It is a fact though, that more than one third of all cars have at least one tyre with low pressure. “The positive effect on traffic safety should actually be similar to the USA, where tyre pressure monitoring systems have been mandatory for new cars for ten years,” explains Schrader expert Müller.