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Sailun WST3 Delivers Exceptional Test Results

Sailun Tyre, the 17thlargest tyre manufacturer in the world, recently out-performed several significant competitive brands in a winter tyre test conducted by the most popular car magazine in Russia – Za Rulem.

The comprehensive test took place on studded 215/65R16 tyres.

Tests on snow and ice were carried out in the Arctic Circle at the Nokian test site, driving the front-wheel drive Volkswagen Tiguan (as experts had noted that the all-wheel drive hides small differences between the tyres). Tests were carried out using control tyres at temperatures ranging from -25 to -2°C.

A variety of tests were carried out on ice, snow, dry and wet surfaces.  The tests covered several capabilities: braking, speed, acceleration, handling, emergency manoeuvres, traction and road holding.

In addition, consideration and marks were given to comfort – internal noise and smooth ride.

The Sailun WST3 performed exceptionally – particularly in the tests for braking distance on ice and rolling resistance / efficiency.

The Sailun WST3 is a proven pattern with exceptional credentials, for both cars and SUVs, and is available in many sizes ranging from 13-inch rims up to 20-inch rims.

The test results further demonstrate the increasing reputation of the Sailun brand and its car tyre portfolio – particularly for quality, performance, and value.