SAILUN Expands Tyre Program of ATREZZO ZSR2 and ZSR2 EV Family

The SAILUN tyre group is expanding its range around the ATREZZO ZSR2 and ZSR2 EV tyre series. By the end of the year, 14 new tyre dimensions from 16 to 20 inches with a total of 54 sizes will celebrate their premiere. The majority of the sizes are concentrated on vehicle models with R19 and R20 formats. The ATREZZO ZSR2 innovatively combines advanced technologies that relate to all components of the tyre, especially the rubber compound and the tread. With its asymmetric tread design and improved rubber compound based on EcoPoint3 technology, it masters the challenges of combustion and electric cars alike. In addition, the new SAILUN Ultra high performance tyre impressed with its excellent price-performance ratio in independent tests. “SAILUN strives to always offer the best tyre solutions for every field of application in everyday mobile life. This also applies to new generations ATREZZO ZSR2 and ZRSR2 EV. In doing so, are also decisively expanding our comprehensive tyre expertise based on EcoPoint3 tyre technology to the field of e-mobility. Six ATREZZO ZSR2 EV sizes for 19- and 20-inch wheels have also been developed in line with the requirements of e-mobility for models such as the Polestar 2, the Tesla Model Y and the VW ID.4,” explains Stephan Cimbal, Director Marketing SAILUN Group Europe. In addition, corresponding tyre dimensions for the fast-growing SUV segment will follow in spring 2024.

With their asymmetric tread design and improved rubber compound, the expanded ATREZZO ZSR2 and ZSR2 EV tyre range meets the diverse challenges of modern cars and offers drivers exceptional performance in everyday driving. The new tyres impress with their low rolling resistance, ensure efficient energy consumption with optimum braking performance even on wet conditions and impress with maximum driving comfort and the best safety. At the same time, all previous and new tyre dimensions guarantee a smooth and pleasant ride at all speeds. The engineers and developers at SAILUN took particular account of the requirements in the field of e-mobility. One reason: When operating electric motors, almost no drive noise occurs anymore, which makes the rolling noise of the tyres more prominent. Thus, especially the new tyre dimensions of the ATREZZO ZSR2 EV offer drivers a quiet and pleasant ride at all speeds.

Whether ATREZZO ZSR2 or ZSR2 EV – thanks to innovative design based on EcoPoint3 technology, tyre contact with the road is optimised, and braking, acceleration and cornering forces are evenly distributed – all in the interests of longer and more sustainable mobility without compromising performance. This also applies to e-mobility applications. This is because the weight of the battery means that electric vehicles are up to 30% heavier than vehicles with internal combustion engines, which often leads to uneven tyre wear. A winning formula – whether for combustion or e-cars – is the asymmetric tread pattern of the new ATREZZO ZSR2 tyre generation, which ensures optimum and balanced downforce even at high speeds, as well as first-class cornering and handling. The latest tread compound based on the innovative EcoPoint3 technology also guarantees excellent grip on both wet and dry roads. Added to this are minimal rolling noise and a high level of rolling comfort for maximum driving pleasure. Decisive for the superior wet grip, lower rolling resistance and abrasion are the innovative tread design and tyre structure of the new ATREZZO ZSR2 tyres. On the one hand, convex entry ribs and wide water drainage grooves ensure the best wet grip and aquaplaning safety. Optimised tread blocks support outstanding performance at high speeds. Furthermore, a stiff centre rib guarantees more stability and better ground contact, while the wide grooves ensure faster water drainage. The maximised contact patch on the outer shoulder of the ATREZZO ZSR2 and ZSR2 EV is responsible for excellent dry grip and precise, sporty handling. Finally, stress-relieving sipes and 3D grooves on the inside of the tread lead to improved ride comfort and exceptionally low rolling noise.

SAILUN placed particular emphasis on high abrasion resistance during development. Thus, the treads and the special rubber compound of the ATREZZO ZSR2 are designed for the high torque and above-average acceleration forces of electric cars. To also address the greater tyre slip caused by the high torque of electric vehicles, the stiffness of the tread blocks has been optimised using extended outer shoulder blocks for maximum road contact. “Our engineers and developers know that electric vehicle tyres wear about 20% faster than those of internal combustion engine vehicles when worn unevenly,” Stephan Cimbal points out. That’s why ATREZZO ZSR2 EV tyres were also designed with an even distribution of ground pressure in mind, ensuring longer service life and fewer tyre changes. In addition, the Eco-Point3 rubber compound made of highly concentrated silica as well as environmentally friendly materials results in even lower rolling resistance, which extends the range – especially of e-cars. Stephan Cimbal: “SAILUN can also well understand the concerns about energy losses when driving electric vehicles. By reducing the rolling resistance of the new ZSR2 EV tyres, the battery lasts longer, allowing e-car drivers to extend their range.” What’s more, the ATREZZO ZSR2, which has achieved an A rating on the EU wet grip tyre label in all available sizes, offers guaranteed wet performance without sacrificing noise reduction for maximum driving pleasure..

Independent tests such as those conducted by TÜV Süd have already sufficiently confirmed that the previous ATREZZO ZSR2 tyres already guarantee superior performance in terms of rolling resistance, wet handling and braking. The EcoPoint3 tyres stood out not only in the area of economy (rolling resistance), but also in wet handling and wet braking. Even after heavy use, the treads still exhibited a clean and even wear pattern. In short: In all aspects, the ATREZZO ZSR2 tyre range shows superior performance compared to many competing products from premium manufacturers.