RONAL GROUP Partners with Eccomelt to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Reducing carbon emissions is becoming increasingly important in all areas of life, including the automotive industry. In the spirit of the circular economy, wheel manufacturer RONAL GROUP has therefore signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Canadian company Eccomelt, which produces secondary aluminium from post-consumer wheels. By signing this Memorandum of Understanding, the RONAL GROUP secures preferential supply of Eccomelt’s post-consumer material, which has an extremely low carbon footprint.

As part of its PLANBLUE sustainability concept, the RONAL GROUP has been working on optimising its processes for some time; be it to make production more energy efficient or to introduce green electricity in all plants. However, the largest share of the carbon caused in the balance sheet, 74%, can be attributed to aluminium procurement. The carbon footprint of primary aluminium consumed in Europe averages 8.6 kg of CO2e per kg of aluminium[1]. With the Eccomelt material, the wheel manufacturer can reduce this by more than 90%.

The RONAL GROUP will continue to increase its share of these sustainable resources in the future in order to continuously reduce the company’s ecological footprint. “Eccomelt currently has the best carbon footprint on the market, which is why we are seeking a long-term strategic partnership with this company in Europe and North America,” says Oliver Brauner, CEO of RONAL GROUP, explaining the decision to collaborate. “By using this high-quality post-consumer material, we can offer our customers the production of carbon-reduced wheels and at the same time come a big step closer to our goal of producing all wheels carbon-neutral in 2050.”

The company Eccomelt has been operating in the field of metal recycling and processing of aluminium wheels since 2006 and produces an eco-friendly substitute for A356.2 ingot. The eccomelt356.2 carbon footprint from cradle to gate (ex-works) is 0.136 tCO2e/t Al in average; from Toronto (ON/Canada) it is 0.089, from Manchester (GA/USA) it is 0.175 kg CO2e/kg Al.

Eccomelt’s post-consumer material has the same quality as primary aluminium.

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[1] Source: International Aluminium Institute (IAI)