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Prometeon Presents The New Generation Of MC:01 e-Urban

Within seven years nearly half of worldwide city buses in service are expected to turn electric. Hence, the total number of electric buses is forecasted to more than triple, from 386,000 in 2017 to about 1.2 million in 2025, equal to about 47% of worldwide city bus fleets.

Major cities are moving in the same direction: Paris, London, Milan, Mexico City and Los Angeles are among the 40 cities that have committed to invest on zero-emission transport only, by 2025. (Source: European Transport Forum 2019).

From a vehicle engineering perspective one of the main challenges is represented by the bus battery weight. To guarantee a higher autonomy, the bus weight is affected, resulting, with the standard load capacity of the tyre, in a compromise with the passenger numbers.

Prometeon Tyre Group, with the new generation of MC:01TM e-URBAN, offers the right solution for modern electric buses, since the increased load capacity up to eight tons per axle fully satisfies the needs of new generation of electric mobility.

MC:01 e-Urban features up to 10% lower Rolling Resistance(*), ranking it as the best in class with energy efficiency class B. Thanks to this, the MC:01TM e-URBAN contributes to increase the autonomy of the city buses and to reduce the battery charging cycles for full electric vehicles, thus contributing to a reduction in CO2 emissions.

While keeping pace with the evolution of both hybrid and electric vehicles for urban context characterized by frequent stop and starts, Prometeon’s new MC:01TM e-URBAN in addition to reducing operating costs, yields animproved level of comfort, even wear, low noise generation (69dB)(1) and excellent safety performances. The new generation tyre is marked M+S and 3PMSF and reaches B class for wet grip, delivering high performance level in winter conditions and it is suitable for the equipment of all axles.

“We have succeeded in developing the new PIRELLI branded MC:01TM e-URBAN, with such outstanding performances thanks to the latest Prometeon technology innovations, applied to tread pattern, structure and compound. With this new product Prometeon stands in the frontline on sustainability issues and zero-emission transportation without compromise on safety and operation cost saving”, declared Alexandre Bregantim, Prometeon Chief Technical Officer.

The optimised sidewall and structure design allow extra load capacity, while enhancing tyre retreadability. The mould profile and the new tread pattern geometry are conceived to ensure great traction and to resist pavement shocks throughout all of its lifespan, taking into account the high torques of electric engines.