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Prometeon Enhances Green Credentials with New Sustainability Commitments

Prometeon Tyre Group (PTG) has published its 2021 Sustainability Report and announced a series of additional measures to further enhance its sustainability principles.

Nicolas Marchi, Chief Internal Audit and Sustainability Officer, Prometeon Tyre Group, commented: “For PTG, it is essential to continue working on sustainable development in order to give generations to come a better future. For this reason, we are committed to extending our sustainability to all corporate processes, from governance to financial, environmental and social areas.”

Second-Party Audits Of Raw Material Suppliers

The tyre manufacturer has put into place a programme of second party audits along the supply chain via third party companies. The audit inspections on raw material supplies (natural rubber, carbon black, chemicals etc.) are carried out on an annual basis and ensure compliance with the established standards, mitigating risks linked to outsourced activities.

Through this tool, PTG checks the conformity of its products and services by monitoring and assessing the performance of its suppliers. The goal is to assess their level of sustainability and compliance along the entire supply chain by assessing the policies and procedures which allow these suppliers to conduct responsible and sustainable procurement.

Conflict Minerals And Cobalt Sourcing Policy

Prometeon shares international concern regarding the conflict in DR Congo and neighbouring countries and, in 2021, reinforced its procedures and applied a Conflict Minerals and Cobalt Sourcing Policy. PTG is committed to protecting and respecting human rights, and to ensuring no minerals or cobalt sourced from conflict zones are used in its products.

In order to extend its due diligence, Prometeon is carrying out rigorous audits on its cobalt and mineral suppliers, the results of which will be published in the 2022 Sustainability Report.

ESG Rating

Prometeon has also entered into a partnership with Sustainalytics, an ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) ratings agency. Sustainalytics has been appointed to evaluate the PTG Group with the goal of understanding and improving its actions with regard to sustainability principles throughout the entire value chain.

Commenting on the new measures, Roberto Righi, General Manager of Prometeon Tyre Group, said: “Over the coming years we will be focusing on balancing technological development and sustainability, underlining our respect for both the environment and for all the communities and people with whom the company works on a day-to-day basis. With the initiatives set in motion since 2021, PTG is ready to continue its sustainable growth journey.”

Prometeon Tyre Group’s 2021 Sustainability Report is available at, and can be downloaded via the following link.