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Profi-Line+ by GKN Wheels: Outstanding Performance Backed by High Quality Support

Launched in 2017 to meet the very specific requirements of heavy duty, high load-bearing flotation tyres, GKN Wheels’ patented Profi-Line+ wheel combines light weight with high strength to deliver 20% higher load-bearing capacity and five times longer life than standard flotation wheels.

The wheel’s patented design delivers both operational and performance advantages and is backed by GKN Wheels’ market-leading training and support services, providing OEMs, tyre manufacturers and integrators with the complete confidence to specify the right wheel for the right application.

Backed by a three-year warranty, the high-performance, high-quality Profi-Line+ range has been designed to meet the changing needs of the agricultural sector, where tractors and trailers are required to carry ever-greater loads, work for prolonged periods of time and operate at higher speeds.

The wheel’s unique ‘bent-over’ flange design, together with a double radius in the bead seat area, provides improved stability and affords greater protection to the tyre, both during operation and tyre mounting. With a rim that is 10% thinner than the standard design, fuel consumption is also significantly improved.

The wheels are also high-spot marked, ensuring they are suitable for speeds up to 80 km/h, and are available with an extra connection in the rim for CTIS (Central Tyre Inflation System). There are also a number of options, including upgrading to 100 km/h operation, specifying stronger discs for the most severe and demanding applications, and fitting a valve guard to provide even greater protection. All performance criteria comply with at least one of the TRA, ETRTO, JATMA and ISO rim and tyre standards

Dr. Michael Weissbach, Product and Business Development Manager at GKN Wheels said: “Our patented Profi-Line+ solution has been developed to meet the specific demands of owners and operators of machines in the agricultural sector. For the customer, this translates into extended service life, improved performance, safer operations and lower maintenance cost.

“With low batch sizes and customised colour options, all backed by our highly experienced technical support team, we believe Profi-Line+ delivers the perfect package both for OEMs and integrators, providing outstanding performance and efficiencies through a combination of low process costs, assured reliability, low weight, low maintenance and long-life.”

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