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TyreSafe is giving away prizes galore in the last week of Tyre Safety Month to participants of its TyreSafe Test. Prizes have been donated by supporters of the UK’s tyre safety charity, including some of the best known tyre brands and retailers, and range from race tickets to branded gloves and caps, tread depth gauges and T-shirts.

Top prizes will go to those answering all 20 questions correctly in the fastest times, with the least well performing entrants receiving gifts to help them improve their tyre safety knowledge.

Hosted at, to date, there have been nearly 3,000 scores recorded by the TyreSafe Test, since it was launched last year. Times range from 49 seconds to nearly five minutes, with scores as high as 100% down to 4/20.

However, those times and scores will be cleared and the leaderboard reset at 12 noon on Wednesday 24 October for the ultimate tyre safety giveaway during the final seven days of Tyre Safety Month. Final entries close at 23h59 on Wednesday 31st October.

Tyre Safety Month 2018’s theme is Tune into Tyre Safety, a campaign encouraging stakeholders and the motoring public toGet into the Groove to do a tyre tread depth check and asking are your tyres Under PressureA pop-tastic video was also been created to support the campaign, which is hosted at and the charity’s YouTube channel, and shared across social media.

Stuart Jackson, Chairman of TyreSafe, said: “The TyreSafe Test has been a well-received addition to, and provides a means for motorists to learn about tyre safety while having a bit of fun. It has produced some slightly concerning scores and it’s hoped those people will take advantage of the guidance provided at the end of the Test to improve their knowledge. TyreSafe is grateful to those supporters who have donated prizes and encourage Britain’s drivers to take part so they can benefit from these great prizes while proving their tyre safe credentials.”